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Features & Prices

Individualized Learning

  • Based on each child’s typing and reaction speed
  • Personalized assessments
  • Adaptive instruction based on individual progress

The individualized approach of Time4MathFacts means that each child is sufficiently challenged and motivated–but within their current level of proficiency. Even students who have struggled previously can bridge math gaps through targeted instruction, quality coaching, and enjoyable game play. Because the low-cost program serves up the exact facts each student needs, right when he or she needs them, math confidence grows right along with fact fluency!

Game-Based Practice

  • Engaging graphics, sound, & music
  • Simple rules & short sessions
  • Progressive difficulty and speed of play

From their first login, Time4MathFacts users will be befriended by a host of charming characters ready to cheer on their efforts. Assessment, coaching, and practice are all components of a game-style format that require students to progressively retain more and more math facts to succeed. When a student shows enough proficiency with a fact family, those facts are considered “game ready”–they will start to appear in the Time4MathFacts games. This keeps gameplay fluid and builds math confidence.

Motivational Incentives

  • Encouragement for frequent use
  • Visual fluency gains
  • Recognition of effort as well as progress

One of the chief contributors to a child’s success in math is self-confidence. And to build that confidence, students need to get feedback on their efforts. Time4MathFacts makes this a priority by consistently rewarding the effort and improvement users make. The green light feature in the upper right corner of the screen is a clear indicator that a student has reached his or her daily usage requirements (based on student responses, not elapsed time). Continued Green Light usage allows students to gain tokens that can be used in the Reflex Store, grow a Progress Tree, and unlock new games.

Powerful Progress Tracking

  • Usage alerts
  • Detailed reports
  • Monitor fluency growth

With Time4MathFacts, parents can watch their child’s fluency grow week by week. Whether you’re just looking for a quick overview of what your student has been working on or want in-depth insights into usage data and fluency specifics, parents have access to a detailed dashboard at no additional price. See exactly which facts and fact families your student has mastered as well as those they need more work on. Don’t forget to celebrate your student’s Time4MathFacts milestones as they are earned. Ice cream, anyone?!

For just $39.95 a year, you get not only a math facts program–you get an adaptive online system that recognizes the instruction and practice your individual student needs at the exact right time. Payment also gives you detailed reporting through the parent dashboard.

Useful for Parents

Stop nagging students to practice their math facts and start celebrating their accomplishments.

  • Detailed usage and fluency reports
  • Alerts when usage is low
  • Aligned with math standards
  • Affordable annual fee

Engaging for Kids

When math fact practice is fun, students hardly notice how quickly their math fact fluency is growing.

  • Interactive games and activities
  • Motivational rewards
  • Confidence-boosting progress charts
  • Fun animated characters