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Subtraction Math Fact Practice for Kids

Game-Based Practice for Subtraction Time4MathFacts
Building math fact fluency is crucial for children. And in order to build fluency you have to start with the basics. This includes subtraction and addition. On this page we will focus on how to teach subtraction facts to kids. Learning subtraction facts will help your child increase their math fact fluency and build a robust foundation.

By combining technology, gameplay and valuable feedback that accurately measures your child’s progress, Time4MathFacts helps students master subtraction facts. The following information will give you a better understanding of what subtraction facts are, when children should start learning them and how Time4MathFacts benefits students who may need additional help with math fact recall, or who require the full support of a math fact multimedia program.

What Is A Subtraction Fact?

Subtraction is the process of taking away a number or a thing from another number or group. The end result is called the difference. For example, subtraction facts appear as numbers: 5 – 3 = 2, and 5 – 2 = 3. This can also be called a fact family, which children learn at a young age. Experts define a subtraction fact family as: a group of related math facts that use the same three numbers — just as we did in the above example.

How to Teach Subtraction Facts at Home

Whether you are homeschooling or trying to help your child succeed in a traditional school setting, helping them memorize subtraction facts will only have a positive impact on them. Their confidence levels will increase and they will be able to grasp more complex equations in later grades.

An online math fact fluency program can be the ideal solution for helping your child develop math fact automaticity. The right computer program creates an environment that’s safe, entertaining, challenging and encourages frequent use because it’s fun.

Discover creative ways to teach subtraction math facts to your children.

  • Make sure your child understands that in essence subtraction means taking away or finding the difference between 2 numbers. For example, “If you have 9 and take away 4, how many are left?” Or, “How much more is 9 than 4?” You can use legos, sticks and practically any object to teach this concept to your child.
  • Start with small numbers and start moving to their next closest numbers as your child gains confidence and begins to master the subtraction facts in those family groups.
  • Visualization is key when helping your child memorize subtraction facts. Whether you are using manipulatives such as blocks, cubes or even an online program that is visually appealing, this will help children better understand the process of subtracting items and calculating outcomes.
  • Incorporate fun board games that will help your child practice their subtraction facts. Games such as mathemagical world, and Adsumudi are just a few that you can incorporate.

Games to Practice Subtraction Facts

All the subtraction facts games on Time4MathFacts ensure a custom practice experience for each individual child. Your children will be introduced to Crabby, a character who helps them navigate the site and choose the appropriate games for practice.

Although mastery of subtraction facts (as well as other math facts) are attained through lots of practice, this does not have to be boring. In fact, our math fact fluency games are highly engaging but also challenging, which keep kids motivated to continue learning and practicing,

The games improve your child’s recall, help them build a solid math foundation and increase their typing speed and efficiency.

Instructive games include:

  • Swamp Chomper: In this rapidly moving game, the frog needs flies to survive and your children help him eat as many bugs as possible by answering the questions correctly before its lily pad sinks.
  • Egyptian Conniption: Your children will help the Egyptian cat ward off his enemies before the hourglass runs out with their math fact retrieval skills.
  • Ninja to the Stars: Children help the Ninja warrior climb higher and higher by answering math facts correctly.
  • Kirie: Children help the animals who are being captured in this game. By using their subtraction facts skills, they collect keys that will release the animals from captivity.

Time4MathFacts also boosts your child’s confidence as they progress through the program. With each successful visit, your child will earn reward tokens for their hard work, which they can use to customize their own Avatar. Most importantly, they’ll be improving their subtraction math facts by using our combination of multimedia and interactive style of math practice. And, they’ll be enjoying themselves while they’re doing it!

How Time4MathFacts Helps With Learning Subtraction Facts

Memorizing subtraction facts can be a boring task for kids. That’s why so many parents have opted for a computer-based program that makes building fact fluency fun.

Time4MathFacts provides an entertaining way for children to engage in math fact practice. It’s also flexible enough to use as a full-time or part-time subtraction math facts program. Our innovative technology will automatically focus on where your child needs the most help and intuitively concentrate on those areas.

Additional benefits of Time4MathFacts include:

  • Introduces the student to new fact families, based on their initial game score assessment.
  • Offers short 15 to 20 minute learning time periods so your child won’t become overwhelmed.
  • A rewards-based program. Children earn reward tokens for fact mastery that can be used to purchase virtual items for their avatar.
  • Research-proven methods coupled with advanced technology that provides the most successful subtraction fluency games available.
  • A program that encourages independent learning and boosts confidence as your children progress through the subtraction math facts games.
  • Assessment, coaching, and practice in a game-style format that requires students to progressively retain more and more math facts to succeed.
  • An affordable yearly price that provides a math facts program, and an adaptive online system that recognizes the instruction and practice your individual student needs.